Leadership Louisville Class of 2018 meets for the first time. Scott Neff is one of the Professionals in attendance.

July 19, 2017

NeffScott was selected to be one of the 60 professionals that will be in the Leadership Louisville Class of 2018.  His incredible journey is about to begin! The Leadership Class is a diverse group that will spend the next 10 months meeting decision makers and examining the issues that matter most to Louisville. The biggest advantage comes in the form of developing lifelong friendships and social resources, as they increase their influence to change and innovate the way we do business in Louisville.

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Investment Outlook – Preview 2017

Prior to the election, the economy was looking late cycle. Margins for US companies had peaked, the labor market was at what most consider full capacity, and the global economy – while doing okay in 2016 – was likely at the tail end of the benefits it got from supportive monetary policy and large stimulus in China. The results of the US election have given markets hope these forces will be arrested through a cocktail of deregulation, tax cuts, and repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and markets have responded accordingly, sending stocks much higher and most bonds much lower.

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Maryhurst: A home that provides hope and change for young girls in our community.

The Glenview Trust Company has a holiday tradition of giving back to our community.  For 2016 we decided to participate in the Maryhurst Annual Holiday Gift Drive.  We provided personalized gifts to seven young girls. maryhurst-2016









Glenview Staff left to right: Rebecca Middleton, Ann Marie Elpers, Doris Skees,  Margie Haines, Debbie Rodgers Lisa Mercado, Madison Bennett and Robyn Raque
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Our Initial Election Thoughts

In a shocking come from behind victory, Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election last night.  It was shocking because, as we saw with the Brexit vote in June, most election polls failed to capture the degree of U.S. citizens’ unease and anti-establishment sentiment.  As the outcome became clearer money fled global equity markets–at one point the S&P 500 was down over 5%–and moved into safer assets–10 year Treasury bond yields declined a similar percentage.  As this is written mid-day Wednesday, the trade has reversed and the S&P 500 is up about 1% and 10 year Treasury yields are higher at almost 2% for the first time since early 2016.  So, will President-elect Trump be Good Trump or Bad Trump for markets?
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Glenview Trust “Enriching Life (Concert) Series

Over the years Glenview Trust has really enjoyed its  “Enriching Life Series” partnership with the Kentucky Center for the Arts in which we sponsor some of their concerts each year.  Recently, Glenview sponsored  the Vince Gill concert.  Needless to say, we were all delighted when  Vince Gill dropped in on our preshow reception and talked to everyone—how relaxed and engaging he was.  The concert was marvelous. So much talent!vince-gill1




Glenview Staff (Left to right)   Stephanie Morgan-White, Sherry Feldpausch, Tawana Edwards, (Vince Gill), Scott Neff, Robyn Raque, Regina Beckman, Joseph Mulloy, Emily Lawrence

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Brexit Initial Overview

Last week, in what came as a surprise to many, United Kingdom voters elected to leave the European Union.  Global market reaction has been swift with the British pound sterling dropping and the dollar and yen strengthening, global equities falling and global bond yields moving lower.  Although Friday’s negative market reaction has been significant, we think it will be short-lived.

We believe the greatest negative economic impact will be concentrated in the U.K. with a drop in business and consumer confidence and a decline in business spending.  Europe’s growth could weaken by ½-1% this year but we still expect modest GDP growth, not a recession.  It seems we are seeing a long-term weakening of the pound sterling and a short‐term weakening of the euro.  Equity markets should re‐price quickly and then begin to stabilize, and bond yields will remain lower for longer. 
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The Speed Art Museum

Glenview Trust clients and principals recently enjoyed an afternoon at The Speed Art Museum.   We wanted to support the museum’s wonderful expansion, so we invited our clients living in Kentucky and Indiana to join us. We had a great turnout of 250 guests braving the afternoon rains. Our clients investigated all the new areas and art installations, they found the new gallery locations, joined tours with the Museum’s Curators, enjoyed chatting with friends and having refreshments in the Grand Hall. Joanne W won the prize drawing and won a $100 gift certificate to the Museum Shop.   We got the following note from Andrew, the Speed Museum Shop manager:

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April 30, 2016 – Deadline for Expiring Social Security Benefit Election Options

As you may have seen in the news recently, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 is putting an end to two lucrative Social Security benefit filing strategies.  The profitable strategies under fire are known as “file-and-suspend” and “a restricted application for spousal benefits”.  Under certain scenarios, individuals can take advantage of these strategies if they take action by April 30, 2016.  This deadline is causing a lot of headlines, confusion and questions among those eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Here is a summary of the changes:

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Glenview Client Announcement

You may have recently read or heard through local media reports that Glenview Trust has an option to purchase land near our current location on which we hope to build our future home.  We want to let our Glenview family, including our clients know that we are in the very preliminary stages of the process, and if zoning changes and construction schedules go as planned, we anticipate the project being completed and our new offices opening sometime in 2021. 

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