Welcome to Our Newly Updated Web Site and Blog

We at Glenview Trust are happy to announce the launch of our new website. The streamlined site features profiles of our dynamic team of wealth management experts, and has been optimized for mobile phone and tablet viewing, providing access to all devices. The website is now more than a source of basic information – it’s an opportunity for us to connect on different levels, provide in-depth information, bring our services to life, and offer fully dimensionalized details on how we serve our clients.

It’s important for our clients and future clients to know that we invest in newly expanded information technology for the sole purpose of keeping them up to date, providing financial education opportunities and encouraging the exchange of information and ideas. As we grow we want to evolve, and technology is a big part of that initiative.

This blog is a perfect example: We will utilize it to share news about our current activities, our thoughts about the current investment outlook, news about financial trends, and address topics that you might find interesting or helpful. We are looking at a broad range of topics, including financial planning for all stages of life – whether planning to save for college, making wise investments throughout your career, retirement planning and estate planning. We’ll also help you understand some of the more complex financial issues that can have an impact on your wealth management needs, such as market volatility, constructing your investment portfolio, or tax minimization strategies.

Consider this blog as part of our growing online and digital presence to provide impeccable client service, and expand upon our considerable knowledge in wealth management. So please stay tuned and check back for future updates, postings and entries.

We continue to work with our client families, simplifying their financial affairs by truly understanding their situations and finding ways to customize our services to assist them and their other advisors, keeping the financial side of their lives in order so they can enjoy the benefits of smart wealth planning and management. We believe we enrich their lives – and help provide the freedom to spend more time with the things they love.